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. good morning, new details about the santa cruz officers and abouted tragedy -- about the tragedy and how it unfolded. we are less than 24 hours away from the spending cuts, we will talk about the cuts that
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will take place if a deal is not reached. good morning, thank you for joining us, it is thursday morning, last day of thursday. >> i don't think anybody is complaining about the weather right now. >> unless you are a skate border. >> well, a lot of people like the rain. high clouds continue to roll in here. here is rain but maybe next week, 60s and 70s, here is sal. traffic is doing well around the bay area, as a matter of fact we are doing very well on the willow pass grade, as a matter of fact traffic continues to look good and this is northbound 101 in san francisco, and that traffic is off to a good start.
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it is 4:29 let's go back to the desk. two veteran detectives were killed in the line of duty and we are learning more on how the deadly tragedy unfolded. tara moriarty joins us from outside headquarters. >> reporter: this is the first time they have been back and if you look you can see behind me the memorial of growing candles and flowers. meanwhile more details about the deadly tragedy are coming to light. a cell phone surveillance was taken and two people had gone to the home of a man on a sexual assault on a follow-up investigation. he had been arrested last week and sheriff's deputies who are now handling it said he shot
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the officers with a gun on his doorstep. >> we know now he was distraught and he had intentions of harming people and/or the police. >> he was later found wearing body armor and carrying three guns. they believe the body armor may have come from the two fallen officers. you will hear from him as he tribes that ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> we have also learned he worked at the coffee shop for nine months. he was fired last fall after missing work for a couple of days. he described him as creepy because he made many of his customers uncomfortable and he lived in berkeley with his twin
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brother. many attended an emotional vigil last night. >> the city's police chief wiped away tears they came to honor laura baker, 28 year veteran and they knew him as a service office. and they also knew elizabeth butler, the mother of two young children. >> what do you do when something so savage and cowardly happens. it is not personal. they just happen to be there doing their jobs. >> it will now work for what will likely be a joint funeral next week. they will also be on patrol for our coverage this morning. and also it will be on air
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and on line, also get it updates at ktvu channel 2 morning news and our facebook page. right now police are searching for the driver who hit and ran. the suspect is believed to be driving a light colored newer mercedes with front end damage. he spent the day meeting with cardinals and promised things to his successor. now early pacific time they will meet to discuss the next
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pope. many are honoring pope benedict xvi. they will hold a thanksgiving mass at 8:00 this morning and the service includes special service and to thank him for his service to the church. they will hold a meeting at the basilica. the cuts are said to kick in and they are on rival democratic plans but both are expected to sale. president barack obama has set up a congressional meeting with leaders tomorrow. many that rely on federal funding are bracing and they include a 5.4 statewide cut to provide meals for seniors on
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fixed incomes. and 8,200 children across california will be kicked out of the head start program which provides subsidized preschool forehead start kids. those are the two biggest challenging facing the city of oakland. the idea is to make more room for bicyclists and to cut down on collisions. the plan will drive away and kill businesses but a test run is scheduled for later this year. >> very interesting. 4:35 is the time. sal? it looks pretty good pam.
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the traffic is doing well and we have had a couple of overnight accidents but fortunately they cleared and the traffic is still very light. let's take a look at 880 westbound, as you drive out to the mcarthur maze, no major problems. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge and you can see some of that roadwork is being picked up and there is really not a big delay even though some of those lights are flashing. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 is looking good. let go to steve. that is participating and washed out but we have not had hardly any rain at all. a cooling trend will take us to the weekend, coolest day will be sunday mostly fair, mostly sunny but again it is tracking
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well to the north 40s and 50s but look at lows, 48, napa and novato 52. fso 49 yesterday half-moon bay is 37. there is a little bit of an on shore clouds they are leaving records amounts of snow, and it looks like rain will turn to snow in new york. you can see cloud cover streaming in and i use the word fair and warm a few high clouds to the north near 70 for some right at 70 san jose,
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pleasanton livermore it will be close. high clouds, cooler on sunday, maybe it looks like rain on next wednesday. >> steve, thank you very much. time now 4:37 the case of mistaken identity in connection with a deadly shooting and crash on the las vegas strip. the monthly art festival returns tomorrow -- returns tomorrow and they are making changes from the last event. traffic is off to a good start and we will let you know how the morning commute is going, stay right here with us. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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. in a follow-up to a broken water-main to yesterday's news,
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crews will return to repair the damaged road. a cast iron pipe burst open, creating a 30-foot sinkhole. they don't know if they were causing age but there was some structural damage after being yellow tagged and they are still okay. schwartz will be buried near his father's grave after a memorial service. he was famously named storming norman in 1991 and he died from complications at age 78 for complications of pneumonia. >> the 57-year-old lieu recently served as president barack obama's chief of staff and he was budget director for
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bill clinton. time now 4:42, brentwood superintendent is out of a job. he was fired two days after being put on administrative leave. he there was -- there was a public outcry for not firing somebody for kicking a child and was allowed to still teach. a fatal shooting left three people dead. can you see that? you see these? >> now in that video he is seen carrying several $100 bills. he is accused of shooting somebody in his car on the las vegas strip. the car then crashed into a taxi killing a passenger as well as the driver. and she is no longer a
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person of interest. she was with harris at the time of the shooting. they are not saying why howard is no longer part of the investigation. in the meantime, police may have released a picture and this picture released earlier this week is not of howard. it is of a girl who was a reality star on the bad girl's club. he said he had seen her but they have nod kept in contact. she said a new academy of cadets graduate in a few weeks and that's one of the most diverse said by mayor jean quan. >> i think that is the key city partnership said mayor jean quan. >> mayor jean quan warned
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bringing them to staffing levels would strain the budget but she highlighted the positives, such as jobs an entertainment areas. violence marched the -- marsed the last event. it will no longer stretch all the way down but instead it will be west grand avenue after the fatal shot had ended. they are urging the u.s. supreme court to strike down the defensive act. apple are among them after filing a court brief. it forces them to create a dual system of treatment for same-
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sex marriages by denying them benefits that heterosexual couples receive. medicare paid $5.1 billion for patients to stay in skilled nursing homes. that report does on to say every time a patient was in a nursing home they failed to meet federal standards. state lawmakers are taking that step one step further and they are considering a statewide ban on smoking and the bill was introduced by mark levine. his goal is to cut down on health hazards from secondhand smoke and if approved it would
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be the first. they let riders track its arrival . expects to add 400 more in san jose. they have come under fire from state regulators and they hook up riders and drivers but they always meet business insurance requirements. >> it looks like the walk across the bridge will happen. they are agreed to pay for transport station and security but it is still unclear who is covering the cost. one idea is to charge $20 to walk on the bridge and the celebration is to take place over the labor day weekend. he has not talked about it about the kansas city chief but we are hearing about it from his family. she said the family is excited to place the chief in the new
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bitter minded coach. he battled injuries and was finally doing well until he suffered a concussion. 49ers wish him well. >> at the very end, it seemed like he was unhappy but best wishes for him. >> now the nfl shop has one alex smith jersey left but it has been marked down and collin kaepernick jerseys are all sold out. >> the other talk is who will back up collin kaepernick, i think sal might do it >> wait a minute, you listen to sports radio brian? every now and then. >> well, i am just busting your chops, brian. we look out to the mcarthur
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maze and we are off to a decent start and traffic is moving well at the bay bridge toll plaza and no major problems getting into the city and no probably lense getten to -- problems getting off to highway 17 ; hey steve, andy reid is now the head coach. >> ms g lost and it was great, it was a very good game. good to watch, but not good result. high clouds on the weekend, a little cooler, next rain will be wednesday, put it down, next wednesday pam, pamela, because she keeps track. we actually had a little rain last night, ukiah, over toward santa rosa, i have not heard anything from clear lake but it has listed out of the -- lifted out of the area, also very mild
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warm temperatures, yesterday we had low temperatures, 40s to 50s, oakland 52, again that antioch reading, i have not seen 49 or 50, but it just depends, it is a bird some people saddle out there. temperatures are more reflective of the bash reflective of the breeze, -- more reflective of the breeze, they will move out of the picture and temperatures, we are already sitting at 50 more many. tomorrow a dry pattern, warm temperatures, today will be partly sunny skies, tomorrow looks sunny. a few high clouds. it doesn't take much, especially gilroy 75. redwood city, a lot of 70s.
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mostly fair, high and cooler, monday partly sunny. >> thank you, steve. >> we should learn more about an available supplier. they are ready in the sierra and they are it being spokespersonned to confirm saying it is a third of the water supply. relief for a couple feared missing, the three words they posted online. and a proposal to send a husband and wife into outer space, stay tuned.
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. prosecutors say katrina and another alleged prostitute gave layouts of the home and they are all accused of murdering the man in the home invasion last november. the san francisco chronicle reports she was receiving money and became angry when he allegedly gave her a sexually transmitted disease. they finally heard from a
4:56 am
couple who lost contact while on a biking trip in south america. the long awaited phone call came yesterday and he also posted a message saying, i am alive. he is traveling with his girlfriend but family members became worried after they stopped posting on social media messages. >> we cannot describe the hope, the emotion and the relief and exhaustion we are feeling right now. >> they say the couple was surprised to learn about the couple they cause -- the about the problems they caused. multi- millionaire called this the mission for america. he said it has been more than four years since sending a
4:57 am
couple to the moon but he thinks a married couple should go since the trip will take 501 days. that is a lot of time in space. >> sal, please save me here. >> i know, i like that. >> let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is doing well, we are off to a nice start, there are no major problems north and southbound and we are hoping we have a few good days on 880 and 580 because the last few have not been stiller. and right now to reset ourselves, there are no major problems by the dumbarton bridge. santa rosa north, it is
4:58 am
already starting to lift, look at the lows, they are very mild, 40s and 50s and with the cloud cover, not much of a breeze, a little component from the westerly area, a combination of these two means we will start off on the mild side. it lifts partly cloudy to the north, today and tomorrow, lots of mild conditions, and warm temperatures, tomorrow we will top out, no doubt, partly sunny skies to mostly sunny. 60s inland. not as breezy, so if there was a northeast breeze, it will still be mild. it should be warm. speaking of warm, with your weekend in view, sunday is louder and there will be changes. it is the last day of the spare the air, the air quality
4:59 am
district has issued 10 alerts. when it is called it is illegal to go outdoors and violaters are subject to a fine. it is a new way to keep kids safe. find out what is happening in the south bay. they are making some amazing accusations aimed at the white house, stay tuned. we will explain. rs... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]

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